Not blogging too much lately

I'm not blogging too much lately. It seems like I'm doing other things more often - mostly health related, but it's also because my main home computer is now a Pentium III laptop running Puppy Linux and I haven't taken the time to upload a photos to it since I think I'll be moving on in short order to a more capable machine. The PIII was a last ditch attempt to not spend money on a new computer for my home office and it's shown me that in principle what I want to replace the former desktop computer is a laptop: they stow nicely into the rolltop desk.

This afternoon I saw Jesus Christ Superstar at the local Civic Light Opera. It was a good production, but not exactly an uplifting story, unless one counts Jesus hovering off the stage in the last scene. This perhaps explains the less than packed house.

I ran into Bob from work at the theater, and he mentioned my company's theater club which is producing Brigadoon this summer. I'll try hard to go. I think there's a lot of fun and surprisingly high quality amateur theater around here.

I'm off to BogFest XV tonight. I am not sure what to expect.

Update after BogFest. It was great! We got there late and had to endure a noisy SRO crowd at the back of the room, but later we moved up to some empty seats and enjoyed the show much more. Next year arrive early and stake out a place at the front.

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