Little car accident

My father had a little car accident back in late January. I took these photos on Feb 15 when I visited. The Ghia was purchased in Germany by my grandfather, so it's been a one family car. Here's what my mom wrote

Dear Boys,

Well the Ghia has reached its demise.
No one was hurt during its destruction.
No animals were hurt
No plants were destroyed.

Your dad was driving down Alston Rd. towards our house when he noticed smoke and fire coming out of the rear of the car. He was passing the Y's house. He pulled in their driveway. Fortunately they had they gate open.

Even more fortunately they were home. A neighbor came out and asked if he could help. Your dad asked for a fire extinguisher. He didn't have one, but he did call 911. D however provided 2 fire extinguishers. Their son J was home also. He took photos. (This is how J makes a living: photography. He lives in a loft in downtown LA).

The fire department came. The Highway Patrol came. The fire department left after making sure the fire was out. They had to wait for the lid on the engine compartment too cool enough for them to open it. Apparently when there is an incident involving a car, in the county, the Highway Patrol takes care of it not the sheriff.

The Ghia is still in the Y's driveway. Your dad has a list of people to call tomorrow. I guess we'll find out how much it isn't worth and if we want to restore it or forget it.

D's remaining classic car is a Packard, which your dad saw and admired as well.

D brought your dad home. Your dad did have some of his papers etc. from the car. On his way to the Y to exercise, to work off all of the adrenaline, he stopped to pick up some info on a maybe new car for me and the blanket and towel and his umbrella that were still in
the car. He said, "You were right. They all smell of smoke". At the moment they are outside awaiting treatment tomorrow.

When at the Y parking lot a man approached your dad asking about your old red Alfa. He asked if your dad wanted to sell it. Your dad replied yes, for $8,000.00. The man continued that he knows someone who collects Alfas. Then your dad mentioned that he just had a car
burn up, the Ghia. The man added that the same man might also be interested in that too.

Laugh. Your dad did. All in all it could have been worse. Your dad also got to touch base with a friend from the past. Altogether not a bad thing.


Insurance eventually paid over $9k for this otherwise well-maintained car.

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  1. A great southland story, I think! (along with the ticketed-for-using-public-transportation tale).

    Your blog always has tons of cool stuff. I will come back again soon when it's not midnight.