Monetize followers

I've been kicking the tires on some of the newer features on blogger. Apparently I had a follower, and didn't really know it. Then I had two, and three. Thank you. I'm sincerely flattered.

With three points defining a trend line, I put a followers link at right. Maybe I ought to be a follower of my own favorite blogs?

I clicked on the Monetize tab today for the first time as well. Those who just read blogs won't see this tab, but it's for adding advertisements in the side columns and/or between blogs. Maybe not a bad thing, but for a blog like this that averages 50 hits per day it's probably more of a deterrent to traffic than an income earner for me. At first I thought it was a bit crass to call the tab 'monetize', but on the other hand I've been using Google Analytics for some time now to monitor traffic without feeling moral peril, so serving an ad up is only the next logical step in my vast and growing empire of passive income earning web pages. (That's a wry joke, folks.) So no ads for now.

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