LA Times on fire recovery of California native plants

While away on Christmas vacation with my son I read a promising article in the print edition of The LA Times about native plant recovery around a home lost to fire in 2003. It was a bit brief on the text, but that's to be expected during a time when many are on vacation. I've just now looked online and what I wasn't expecting was that the online version would be so much better, with far more pictures and more vibrant colors.

December 27, 2007

IF one were to look back at Southern California's top news stories of the year and wonder how a victim of wildfire could find solace in the loss of a home, Michael Bright has an answer.

In October 2003, as fire spread across Palmer and Evey canyons north of Claremont, the flames charred not only the manzanita-covered hillsides but also the house that Michael shared with wife Mary. Their life's possessions were lost.

But as the couple worried if they could recover from the blaze, the landscape surrounding the ruins of their home provided some inspiration. Just three months after the wildfire, signs of life began poking from the blackened ground.....

LA Times article on fire recovery of native plants.

LA Times photo essay on fire recovery of native plants.

The photo essay is linked from the article.

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