More 15 minutes part II

The second of my home improvement posts has appeared over at the Times. The first post had a couple questions, which I answered. The second post has only one response (mine) at this time. That's par for the course with Kathy's blog - it hasn't seemed to generate the fevered interest of other LA Times blogs. Actually, I'm pretty flattered to have the two responses.

The original text I wrote is listed lower down the page here. I had to use blogger.com as a text editor while composing my post over Thanksgiving.

I think the Times did a good job of focusing my verbiage, short cutting my non-obvious humor and slightly pedantic style, and stitching in captions to the pictures that I provided. Bravo Times! Actually, I suspect Peter Viles (of their Real Estate Blog) did the editing, since I got a couple emails from him during Kathy's absence. There's a definite craft to journalism writing.

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  1. Congrats on fame. Next stop Architectural Digest.

    I was reading AD in the doctor's office and was struck by the total lack of content of the letters page... more so than the usual magazine letters to the editor, where people chime in with corrections, complaints, etc. In AD nobody had anything to say other than, "Love your magazine, loved your October issue." Maybe the remodeling blog is similar.