Electrical nirvanna, one step closer

Gene from 1-Stop was by again today and we talked prices and schedule.

He'll give me a written quote in a day or two. I need to get him the authorization number from Edison (it has a three letter acronym that I can't remember now). We discussed how to address my concerns about the ground wires protruding out too much into the side walk. My idea was to drill through the garage floor and hide them with cabinetry. Gene thought he could drill through the sill plate and keep it really out of sight. Another alternative is to locate one just around the corner from the panel (outside) where I can protect it with some PVC pipe when I regrade and put in a new patio / work area.

We have a start date goal of Jan 2.

Update 11 Dec 07: I needed my "MSR" number from Edison in order to proceed with the permit application and I obtained it via a series of voice mail exchanges with Tom C last week. (705420) Today I called Gene to let him know I had it and set up a meeting on 13 Dec to go over the bid.

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  1. I saw your kitchen remodel in Pardon our dust. Will you show pix of your kitchen in its current state?