New blog name?

I've found a different rut than I thought I'd be in when I first started (and named) this blog. A change of name seems in order. I've gone from "Breathing Treatment" to the "The Treatment" (sounds like a David E. Kelly production) to "California Treatment" (perhaps a bit grandiose - I'd prefer to under promise and over deliver). All options are under consideration. Suggestions?


I've had one vote to keep it the same, including the brief tag line. "It's not a treat and it's not a mint."

Edit2 (8 Mar 2007): I'm back to the original, obviously. It has its advantages: sufficiently vague that I can tackle any topic without going astray. Distinctive (for a blog). A google search on "breathing treatment" turns up all sorts of asthma-related pages, but the blogs are thin on the ground. I had considered "Bread and Circus" once upon a time as a blog title, but there's plenty of competition in that namespace and I'm not really cynical in a sustained enough manner to back it up, despite appearances.

A recent suggestion from my other reader was, "The native grass curmudgeon." I think that's a bit limiting, as are the obvious variants, "The native plant cumudgeon" or simply "Curmudgeon", etc. Apt, perhaps, but limiting.

The real power of the name, "breathing treatment" is that aside from the whole connotation of ill health that it's vague enough to mean anything: A breath of curmudgeonly fresh air? A metaphor for taking stock of your life? A place I can channel some pent up energies and come back refreshed?

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