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Even before I first started blogging, I pored through all the archives in California Native Plant PR. It's linked over at the right because it's sooo on target for my current garden interests. The comments section appears to be surrounded by a cone of silence, however. Carmen now writes the Payne Foundation newsletter articles which turn up in her blog , so while I'm happy that she's turned professional I think that the articles have become a bit less personal of a journey.

I've been impressed recently by Northern California philosopher / writer / farmer Andy Griffin's commentary on life and farming at Mariquita Farms. He's recently moved to a new blog at www.ladybugletter.com, but the archive linked previously is well worth the reading. An audio blog for his local public radio station available as well if you poke around.

The Renegade Gardener has some good stuff too. He's a practicing (and successful, apparently) garden designer / author. One of the things that makes me believe in his genius is his triple play coverage of one of my favorite topics: lawns, lawns, and lawns. Those lawn article date to 1998, so apparently I'm just a Johnny Come Lately. For extra humor (along with garden design philosophy) see his articles on tree circles and his Don't Do lists. For example, Don’t landscape to reflect suppressed childhood demons and a Top 10 Don't list. He gardens in one of the snow states, so just ignore most of the stuff about plants and climate.

Garden Rant is one that I want to read more of. Today their feature blog post is The Taste of the Factory, a small departure from their usually more garden-focussed topics. One of the nice things about them is that they attract a large enough contingent of followers that the comments are often worth reading too.

L'atelier Vert has interesting commentary. Articles on citrus and winter purslane (who knew miner's lettuce could ascend to such heights) have been interesting. I'll be back.

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