California native plants on Prairie Ave - part trois

Part deux. Part un.

In my job, it turns out that when you want the straight skinny you're often best off talking to someone on the factory floor rather than the CEO. This is also true in many other aspects of life. In this case I spoke with the City's construction supervisor about the plants that they were planning for Prairie Avenue.

He pulled out a sheaf of printouts and showed me pictures: He demands photos from landscapers since he doesn't trust the common names of plants. (This is, by the way, a great reason to get familiar with the horticulturalists' use of binomial dog latin nomenclature, one of my personal goals). In the stack of pictures there were several of the California natives that I had previously recommended and none of the agapanthus or pittosporum (though bird of paradise and roses were still on the list). I conclude that, either the story changed since I last wrote (see part deux) in which case I managed to exert influence or I got the wrong information in the first place. Either one is a good outcome.

Edit 4/4/07: Turns out that I had influence.

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