Weekend Home Repair Plans

Warren will be up on Saturday at 6:30 AM and we'll rehang those French doors. We'll be done by 3:00. This is motivated by the condition of the current jambs: they are cracked in several places and don't fit the doors well. That was fine for getting the house buttoned up two weeks ago when we first hung them, but not confidence inspiring for the long term. The cracks are a strange condition for prehung doors, but perhaps it explains why they were at the Habitat for Humanity resale shop. Maybe they were never hung correctly in their previous installation.

I should plan some other activities. Rough chronological list

  • Wed night: Make plans for moving the gas lines - kind of done. Need more research, measurements
  • Thurs night: educate self on electrical wiring (not done), plan Friday purchases (done)
  • Fri: grade front yard to my liking, make purchases
  1. additional small junction box that I can run thinwall out of later for switched light farther out in yard
  2. 4" hinges with round corners
  3. 2 gang box extension with screw tabs
  4. short circuit protection for outdoor plugs
  5. PVC fittings as needed for sprinklers (4 way cross, risers, tees, elbows)
  6. wood preservative
  7. disposable tray for soaking wooden stakes
  8. 5/16" line to tie down dump loads
  9. tarp to cover dump loads

  • rehang doors
  • dig bricks - (inflate tire on wheel barrow, inform Carol we'll be taking her bricks)
  • move garden border in front yard (lay out new border, soak stakes in preservative)
  • trench front yard for additional sprinklers - (layout new sprinklers)
  • install sprinklers - (inventory supplies and purchase as needed)
  • trench for backyard lawn edging footing - (mark where I want it)
  • take out cotoneaster
  • low expanding sealant

Sunday?: flash, paper, and screen house to prep for stucco


  • put in garage attic vent
  • scout Seers Lumber as potential glulam supplier and general hardware store
  • make a dump run since the trash man refused to pick up my construction debris.
  • hire out installation of a new electrical box due to requirement to have permit in order to drop the power. Do this after I've installed the French doors completely and before I start on the interior wall teardown. Really should have done this FIRST, since inspector might spot work already done.

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