Weekend Doings

Made trip to the South Gate Transfer Station (aka "the dump"). This is an essential place to get acquainted with for all do-it-yourselfers. I had a truck load of concrete, stucco, wood and plaster and it cost about $25.00 to get rid of it. The drawback was that when I arrived (10 AM on Saturday) the line was an hour long to actually get to the place where you could unload. Perhaps I should load in the PM the night before and get there at opening?

I worked on the front yard because I'm sensitive to the long-suffering neighbors who lived with my seasonal grass for so long. Moved some sprinklers, raked, got the border just how I wanted it, topped the new part of the garden area with wood chips. I'll probably have more sprinkler head changes to make, but the "grass" area (aka yarrow, aka achillea millefolium, aka "a substance that resembles grass from a distance") is more or less ready for the 2 oz of seed that I purchased at the Payne Foundation. Target sowing date: January?

I papered and screened around the French door in preparation for stucco. Now the cat (and the neighborhood cats) don't have free ruin of the house (I'm leaving the typo on purpose). My son helped pound nails on this one when he got home. Juli helped too. Still more to do on this.

Cub Scout uniform purchased for my son for next weekend's camping trip ($120!!!! for all the acoutrements).

Saw Mark and Martha and decided with Mark to try to get out to a place where we can purchase fresh apple juice to make into hard cider. Mark has previous success with this, I have previous failure.

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