The Crescent Rod

I recently purchased one of these things. It's a curved shower curtain rod. The goal is to give you a bit more elbow room as compared to a straight rod. It's a good idea. The puchase price was a bit steep: $40, but I was pleased with the apparent durability of the parts: they are a thick walled tube for the rod and nicely cast wall mounts with cleanly machined screw threads and a tough looking white painted finish (well, so far, since I haven't yet used the thing). I ran into one hitch, however. This isn't a spring loaded rod - it's an exact fit. My walls were a few inches too far apart. Luckily you can call the company on an 800 number and order an extension for free in just a few hassle-free minutes. My extension is on the way!

Correction: That's a white powder coated finish, not paint. Bright stainless and brushed stainless are also advertised. In the store I assumed those SS finishes were plated chrome and avoided them since I anticipated rust. If they are SS, then maybe I should have bought one of them. I wonder how they plated stainless - that's not a process I've heard of before. Chrome, yes. Stainless, no.


  1. you mean you didn't measure before you bought the crescent bar?

    when you are done with that, can you help me hang my crescent bar? when i used one at a hotel, i decided we needed one at home.

  2. I didn't measure :( Also, I'd be happy to hang one up for you.

    More: To my credit I do know that I have a standard 5' tub, but I also know that the tiling in my bathroom is offset from the tub end by about 4". I couldn't see inside the entire package, and I surmised that the advertised entenders were in the part I couldn't see. They weren't, but the phone call was so painless that it really doesn't matter.