Note to self: Sun Gold!

Don't forget: It's the Sun Golds that I want next year.

I grabbed it by luck this year at the nursery, along with previous favorites Sweet 100s and some regular Roma tomatoes. The Sun Golds eclipsed all previous favorites as the hands down most awesomest tomato that there is. Yes, Sweet 100s are still quite good and offer a color contrast to the Sun Golds. Yes, Romas were sliced on hamburgers and dried in the oven for a tasty faux sun dried tomato (6 hours or so, low heat, on cookie sheets covered in parchment paper). But nothing compared to the Sun Golds.

I'm writing this because I had no way of knowing the name of those scrumptious tomatoes due to my steel sieve memory. That was until this evening. Tonight I cleaned out the prolific growth from the summer tomato crop, now mostly dead and decaying, and found the little tag from the nursery identifying my favorite: Sun Gold. They are
other people's favorite

I didn't find the tag from some golden colored plum tomato that I despised. They were mealy and bland. Turns out that it took until this summer to realize that I've actually never had a good plum tomato. So no more plum tomatoes for me.

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