Connected and Empowered

I finally joined the 21st Century last week when I purchased a cell phone for the first time (first time purchasers are sufficiently rare that we are referred to as virgins by store personnel). I had been reading how people are growing more distant in their immediate interpersonal relationships, and how they are counteracting this with electronic connectivity. While I believed it, the reality of actually realizing it is different: Returning from vacation, I felt secure in the knowledge that I had instant access to a growing electronic list of friends and family. It was reassuring. I felt connected and empowered; finally part of the digital web.

On the down side, it was somewhat costly despite my best efforts at frugality. Take for example the price of the car charger: $29.95. This is obscene! The only thing that makes it cost that much is greed (and the custom-sized electrical connector which prevents the use of a $3.95 generic charger).

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