Ahhh vacation!

I've had a two week vacation in Santa Barbara. The occasional readers (all four of you) of this blog won't really have noticed since I'm a sporadic poster. The good thing is that I managed to clear my head and get a feeling of forward momentum / positive goals in my personal life.

Vacation activites included Super Delux sub sandwiches with extra peppers, no mayo, and oil and vinegar dresing at Tino's Deli (corner of De La Guerra and Vine). These are every bit as good as they were in high school. Unlike many American products they don't seem to have changed or lost the recipe.

Hiking along the lower San Ysidro Creek (a nice stroll with opportunities for collecting acorns) and up the west fork of the Cold Spring Trail (it gets hot and exposed above the Cold Spring tunnel due to pruning from recent trail improvements). On the day I hiked CST, I didn't see anyone on the west fork except for a baby king snake.

The beach was nice, and swimming lessons for my son helped me feel that he wasn't in imminent danger of drowning.

I saw old friends Jeff, Lisa, and Matt. Jeff has an art project going on display on State Street today, which he was finishing up. Lisa and Matt added a second dog to their household and changed their yard for the better.

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