LAX dune cleanup

We spent the morning working this beautiful area with degraded habitat near Los Angeles International Airport. I found some cool Great Horned Lizards - three or four depending upon whether I was double counting one of them or not.

Rain 0.3"; season total 7.37"

With 0.03" of rain in my back yard, I'm up to 7.37" of rain.

San Pedro annex has only 0.25" of rain. 


...perhaps that's why they call it frog fruit

This is Phyla nodiflora, (frog fruit, sawtooth fogfruit, turkey tangle, Lippia) but you can also find it called fogfruit (without the "r"). Perhaps the fogfruit camp never saw the green color and flipper-like growths that remind me of frog's feet.


Winter is spring

In California and other Mediterranean climates our time for most plant growth is now (winter through early spring) instead of spring through summer.  Here's some native plants doing their thing on 1/24/15.


I'm sure there's a lot of local pride...

...to have such a wonderful landmark at the corner.

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Excellence in pruning

Suggestion: Next time plant something that grows to an appropriate size.

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Garden blooms

This Lantana is really beautiful right now.  Despite it's non-native status, I like it quite a bit.  I don't think this form is widely available now - it has a thick central trunk and then spills over onto the ground.

This climbing penstemon is at home next to the Lantana

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0.04" rain; season total 7.07"

This storm seemed like so much more, but in the end it was only 0.04"

31 Jan 0.04"

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Pride of ownership

I found a neighborhood in Goleta that seems to cultivate the lovely Oxalis pes-caprae (sourgrass).

It was such an inspiring sight that I thought I'd write a little tribute.
Oxalis my love, I wish you were in front of me
I'd pluck your sour stems to chomp
and hope they had no dog pee.
Then I'd cover you under with cardboard and mulch
in a garden recovery strategy

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0.30" rain; season total 7.03"

27 Jan 2015 0.30" rain

I expected more rain given the severity of the storm as I drove through it, but I guess I was wrong.

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Bulb season

Bulb season has arrived in Southern California. It's been here a few weeks for me with my first bloom of Tritelia laxa on Jan 8:

Last year I had a practice of shaking the seeds from each bulb back into its pot. In some cases this is paying off handsomely.

One issue is knowing one from the rest.

However in many cases the blooms are distinctive and timed particularly. This is Triteleia laxa (previously Brodiaea laxa) also known as Ithuriel's spear, now with two blooms. This is always the first to bloom.

I added Fremont's Star Lily to my bulbs this year. It used to be known as Fremont's Death Camas Lily. Fun stuff.

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E. terracina pulled versus date: Is there a useful trend?

Here's a graph of number of E. terracina pulled versus date starting in 2013 and going to 1/2/2015.  This is based on my personal data from Lunada Canyon covering the same hillside area of perhaps 5000 ft^2.

I'm observing that: