Rain to date

There's a series of storms coming in which make me hopeful that this year we will finish the wet season with somewhat normal rainfall. Our completely dry November was anomalous but the 1+ inches of rain that I noted on 12/14 seemed to get the garden back on track. Irises divided early in November are doing well and the rest of the garden has perked up. For native plants, I find that now (or better yet right before or after a light rainfall) is a really good time to water: The extra water coupled with the timing just makes the plant "think" that it just had a better soaking than Mother Nature actually delivered. Rainfall totals below are in inches as recorded in my backyard.
Date       Amount  Cumulative
10/5/2021   0.08    0.08
10/26/2021  0.45    0.53
12/7/2021   0.02    0.55
12/8/2021   0.05    0.6
12/14/2021  1.15    1.75
12/16/2021  0.48    2.23
12/17/2021  0.04    2.27

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