Rain 1.65"; season total 4.67"

22 Dec 1.65"

We're above the third quartile of rain for this time of year. This is good news, since it seems to predict that the rainy season will be a wet one. The LA Times also has picked up on this water optimism as well with an article quoting Bill Patzert of JPL.

“It looks like the door is open here,” said Patzert. “This looks like in the absence of La Niña, we’re getting it from the north and the south, which is a good omen for the wet months of January, February and March.” History suggests that the La Niña phenomenon, which brings an unusually dry winter, follows a wet El Niño year. But so far, this month’s rains have been better than previous Decembers’, Patzert said. “This is more of la nada than La Niña,” he quipped. The lack of something, ironically, is what could make this winter into something that could help Southern California’s drought outlook, Patzert said. “The kind of rain we’re having this week and last week, that’s just perfect,” Patzert said. “It doesn’t come at you like a fire hose.”

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