Bad pruning - I call it nope-iary

Things I hate. This:
And this:

Why stop at two:

Why stop when they are dead?

Why stop with just the oleander? Let's extend that pruning technique to EVERY shrub visible from the street.

To my eye none of these are aesthetic, nor are they healthy for the plant.  I dislike topiary to begin with, but these are pruned more like one would prune an evasive hedge.  If you want a hedge, prune a rectangular shape!  I will admit that pruning to a boulder shape could be a real topiary goal with plants other than oleander, but only if the boulder has a geometric intent: If it's a perfectly tidy sphere instead of lumpy and misshapen, or it's one of the nouvelle "cloud pruned" shapes.  I like none of those, but I actively hate the shrubs pictured here.  The oleander want to grow as multi-trunked shrubs, so attempts to make it a standard lollipop shape fight the very nature of the plant.  Also, you ought to know when to throw in the towel with regard to plant mortality - oleander get a leaf scorch that will always have fatal results.

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