0.36" rain this season

Our rainy season started off with a nice nearly 0.2" of rain that fell overnight

17-Oct 0.19"

This was then followed by unseasonably hot temperatures for a few days.

Then a nice cool-down.

23-Oct 0.03"
30-Oct 0.14"

Current conditions for the drought are captured here: http://www.californiadrought.org/drought/current-conditions/, which mostly speaks to the water year(s) just ended:

...the 2012-2015 period encompasses the driest four consecutive water years in California since 1895, with statewide precipitation at only 62.2 inches. The second driest four consecutive years was 1917-1920, with 63.1 inches of precipitation, when California had a much smaller population and far fewer acres of farmland.
The forecast for the 2017 water year is still uncertain. The weakened La NiƱa conditions offer the possibility of a wetter year ahead, but forecasters remain wary. It will take a long time before the end of drought finally arrives as the state needs multiple, consecutive wet winters, and ideally cooler years, to increase soil moisture and allow the mountain snowpack to accumulate....

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