Flora of Camp Tahquitz

I spent a satisfying week again this summer at Camp Tahquitz, a Scout camp in San Bernardino County on Highway 38, about half way up to Big Bear from the 10 freeway. The nearest burg is Angelus Oaks.  Camp sits at about 6500' elevation and has 640 acres of mostly unimproved land with a central area of rustic campsites for Scouts, a few historic log cabins, and some more modern camp facilities (commissary, offices, etc).

Scouts have to identify 10 native plants as a rank advancement requirement and camp is an ideal place to do that. I was able to indulge my interest in native plants a little during my stay and took a number of photos that I am still in the process of completely identifying. Feel free to add comments if you think I've misidentified something or need clarification - that's how we'll all get smarter.  I used Calflora.org to confirm some of my plant identifications but often the species determination is difficult.  I'll have to start consulting Jepson.

I'll start with trees in the following post and then follow that with herbaceous plants.  This is by no means a comprehensive list of plants - There's still plenty of work to be done.

Useful links in this series are the labels at the bottom of each post, "Barton Flats flora" (a superset of Camp Tahquitz and surrounding areas in Barton Flats) and "Camp Tahquitz flora" (the subset of plants that I've found at Camp Tahquitz).

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