Shopping trip

I went on a little shopping trip today. This was the view at my destination.

Recognize it?

It's the Santa Barbara Botanic Garden meadow. Nearly everyone takes a photo of it when they visit - for good reason.

I didn't have scenery on the mind. I was shopping.

They had Iris 'Canyon Snow', and I succumbed to the following in 4" pots: Giant coreopsis (been wanting one for years), Argemone munita (a thistle with a flower that resembles a fried egg aka
Prickly Poppies, Thistle Poppy, Chicalote, or Cowboy's Fried Egg), and Heuchera 'Canyon Delight' (Canyon Delight Coral Bells), and an Umbellularia californica (California Bay tree) which I will keep in a pot.

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