Lupine and Solidago

3 Feb, 2012

I gathered some lupine seed from plants by the side of the road last year.  They were growing within walking distance, and based on seeing other lupines around the area I'm guessing that they are a local native.  Feeling like a thief I gathered them in the dark and before many were fully ripened.  Fortunately I acted when I did because the little wide spot in the road was cut to the ground a week or so later.  This winter I scattered the seed in a small area in my back yard and I have two lupine sprouts that have shown their heads.
Palos Verdes local lupine. Probably Lupinus succulentus
This was two out of perhaps tens of seeds, but given the condition of the seed that's probably OK.

Looking nicer by the day is Solidago californica (California Goldenrod).  This came from Annies and I think I planted it in near ideal conditions.  It's supposed to flower from late summer to fall, so why is it flowering now?  It's been my experience that sometimes the first year a nursery-grown plant is installed it is off its timing somewhat.  I attribute this to the change from nursery conditions to garden conditions.
Solidago californica (California Goldenrod) or Solidago velutina subsp. californica

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