Heat wave casualty

My mimulus (mimuli?) is doing what it should be doing - looking brown, but with a core of green. Barbara wrote something similar about a mimulus in the South Pasadena Nature Park, though hers is browner since it's both hotter and drier over there.  I killed one a while back that was in a pot, but these are in planters and I'm watching them carefully so as not to apply too much water.  I've applied a bit of water this summer, but I think we're in the home stretch and I'll be very sparing until the weather is much cooler.  If I were more dedicated I'd pull off the browned flowers, since that appears to be about half the total brown.   I have high hopes that they will look great this spring.
What looks like a near certain casualty is a Giant Chain Fern (now renamed Giant Chain Burn) that I planted in a pot near the front door.  I thought it would be more shielded from the sun than it was.  It ended up with several hours of bright direct and reflected light.  Too much.  The Yerba Buena in the same container is doing comparatively well, however.  I'll need to propagate some of that around the yard and find an upright grower to replace the GCF.

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