Rain 0.99" in the last week; 8.46" total

Almost an inch of rain last week with season total approaching 9" in my back yard this season would seem like nearly normal rainfall if one were merely counting inches.  (A quick Google says not quite - my zip code has 15" on average).  However, we historically get our rain mostly in February, but this February was uncommonly dry. Getting rain out of cycle like this does put the late winter and spring flower bloom a bit off.

The LA Times was writing about the delayed wildflower bloom back in March (A dry season is expected for wildflowers in Southern California).  I think that wildflowers won't do much "catching up" either - the days are now too warm and long for the seeds that failed to start growing in January and February to start.

0.42" 10 April (0.25" at the San Pedro annex)
0.57" 13 April

0.99" total in the last week

Apparently I speculated in error above.

Recent rains are encouraging dormant poppies at the Antelope Valley California Poppy Reserve to come out and show off their colors. Fiddleneck (Amsinckia sp.), goldfields (Lasthenia gracilis), Mojave suncups (Camissonia sp.), and forget-me-nots (Cryptantha sp.) are starting to bloom here and there. Grape soda lupines (Lupinus excubitus) are still putting on a nice show too. The best hiking route at this time is going up the Tehachapi Vista Point trail and back along the South Poppy Loop Trail. Just over the crest at the top, a nice patch of poppies can be seen on the south-facing slope. Another good spot to visit is Kitanemuk Vista Point, where a lovely patch of purple lacy phacelia (Phacelia sp.) can be seen.

and more according to The Payne Foundation wildflower report.

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