Largest poppy ever?

The largest I've seen. The flowers here are from only one plant of our native poppy.  It's the coastal variety which has a yellower color than the safety orange of the interior variety.  The flowers have lasted an extremely long time on this plant too.

This one is planted near the coast on a hillside, so perhaps it's in an ideal habitat.  Shown below, it sprawls over a couple nearby rose bushes and an iris.

- Posted at great expense from my iPhone


  1. Impressive! My coastal forms all seem like dwarfs next to their inland cousins, and the flowers seem to shrink as the season progresses. Soon they'll be the size of my thumbnail...

  2. This one came from a source that propagates local (as in the same hill this is planted on) native plants, so maybe there's some magic in being truly local.

    All I know is that I have dibs on some seeds.