Rain 7.14"; season total 9.64"

15 Dec, 2010 0.01" overnight
16 Dec, 2010 through Dec 24th, 2010, estimated over 7 inches! 

I was away from the house and my poor rain gauge maxes out at 5.5".  That max is somewhat below the upper lip and the gauge seems to have overflowed, so I'm estimating 7" or more in my back yard.  That's a phenomenal amount of rain for California.  I won't belabor that point, since it's already been all over the news.

Rainfall amounts at nearby SpaceX, just up the road, were:
15 Dec 0.01" (agrees with me, good)
16 Dec 0.02"
17 Dec 0.44"
18 Dec 1.15"
19 Dec 2.09"
20 Dec 1.28"
21 Dec 0.87"
22 Dec 1.27"
23 Dec 0.01"
24 Dec 0.00"

For a total of 7.14", in good enough agreement with my estimate.  On top of the 2.50" of rain that we'd had already (a normal year by recent standards) this makes 9.64" for the season.

Fortunately, the house had no obvious signs of water damage, so I'm counting myself lucky and prepared: I had my downspout diverters up and had confidence that my garden could absorb quite a bit of water.  Still, I would have liked to be here.

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