Rain 0.7"; season total 11.00"

After last week's series of storms, we have more rain for this time in the season, than in any rainy season in the prior 6 years. 

In the two watches department: On Facebook, my neighbors noted that they had about 8" of rain for the last series of storms versus my 7.14" (which I borrowed from SpaceX, only a mile or so up the road since my gauge overflowed while I was away).  I guess I'll have to just note that there's some uncertainty there, unless I can find a closer weather site to break the disagreement.  What's this have to do with two watches?  I've said for years that only the man with two watches doesn't know what time it is.

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  1. I'm always at a loss about deciding on which weather station to use since I'm in a big mess of microclimates. Every now and then I think it'd be cool to get one of those web-enabled weather stations so that I could check in on the house from anywhere on earth (with an internet connection...)

    --sent with much effort from my clay tablets