Seen on a hike to Cleo's baths

Lupinus stiversii (Harlequin lupine):

Meadowlands, with a bazillion ladybugs.

Dudleya calcicola (Limestone Dudleya), I think, on a granite outcropping.


Manzanita leaves with parasitic insect action: none, new, and old:


Calochortus venustus (Butterfly Maroppsa Lily), I think. I found only two of these and the other was not yet in bloom. This has three-fold symmetry. I wonder how common that is? Maybe only lillies have it?

Castilleja lemmonii (Meadow Paintbrush) buy it could also be C. applegatei or some other.

Calyptridium umbellatum (Pussypaws): not shown.

The baths:

I went in, but it was so cold that it got painful very rapidly. This was snow melt only an hour or so ago.

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  1. Trilliums have 3-fold symmetry, too.

    I wish I could be there, but we had to switch to week 5 this year. We will be back in week 2 next year.