Hike in San Luis Obispo's coastal hills

Just over the hills from Avila Beach is the trailhead of a hike I've done once before.

There's plenty of Mimulus. Some fading to brown:

And some still fresh:

And Poison Oak, already turning red in places:

The lupine has reached and passed it's peak. This is one of the few flowers left:

Lupine seed pods go suddenly from a normal pod shape as they ripen to a helix-like shape that explosively releases and scatters seed. This is known as explosive dehiscence. Poppies do it too.

Lupine seed ripening:

Lupine seed ripened and scattered:

The plant community is coastal woodland on the inland side of the hill with manzanita growing in exposed areas where it can get sun and California Live Oak elsewhere.

There's a flowering plant that I couldn't identify:

Here's the leaves of my mystery plant:

And there's hummingbird sage:

And there's a great view from the top

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  1. My guess for your mystery plant is one of the Indian pinks in the Silene genus. http://www.calflora.org/cgi-bin/specieslist.cgi?orderby=taxon&where-genus=Silene

  2. I think you are right! Silene laciniata seems a good fit.

  3. Love all the flower photos, Brent!