Rain 1.49"; 2.94" season total; more on the way!

The first rain of my season was back in October. A second rain last night and today brought us 1.49" as measured in my backyard. Rain fell over the course of last night and today, though at times it was heavy.

More rain is forecast starting Thursday.

This is what's going to get the California native plant garden going again, so it's welcome. Based on a nascent El Nino condition, some are saying that we will have a wetter than typical late winter. BadMom writes in comments below,

El Nino is a better predictor of spring (Feb-May) rainfall. Our winter storms come from the northwest. Our spring storms come from the west & southwest--from the warm water.

If the El Nino strengthens, and the jet stream turns southerly, then the drought will be over. But parts of LA will be buried in mud.

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