Rain 1.1"; 4.33" seasonal total

It's patchy blue skies now, the last 24H having brought us 1.1" of rain.

4.33" is above the median rainfall for nearby Los Angeles for this time of year. If you believe the correlation that I've previously shown for annual rainfall in 90250 versus LA* can be applied now, only part way through this wet season, then 4.33" locally is worth 5.89" in Los Angeles, even farther (nearly to the 4th quartile) above the median rainfall for that area.

The bottom line is that we're enjoying a nice amount of rain so far this year.

* see this blog post, which gives us
LA = 0.8154*H + 2.3651
H = 1/0.8154*(LA - 2.3651),
Where LA = Los Angeles annual rainfall and H = Hawthorne annual rainfall

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