Saturday at the Lair

Met Alessandro and his son Issa at Portola Redwoods and shared some good conversation. Traded email addresses for later.

Left around 1030, helped an Indian woman who was lost in the Santa Cruz mountains (thereby providing yet another opportunity to lecture my son how you have to be smarter than a computer, since she had lost GPS signal in the trees and canyons).

Arrived at the Lair around 330 and was greeted by the friendly Lair staff. Unpacked by 430 and my son was off to the creek. He and new friend Kevin love the creek, which is higher now than when we typically visit at summer's end. Camp is less dusty than 11th week too, but mosquitoes are more abundant. Dinner was at 6 and unexpectedly delicious. Skipping lunch helped with that. By 645 my son had fallen into the creek, which made a typical start to the week.

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