Fire in Santa Barbara / Montecito

I was there on my bike in 1977 for the Sycamore Fire (named for Sycamore Canyon). A new fire is burning over some of the same area.

I spoke with my parents, who still live in the area, several times last night as they were packing essentials in order to prepare for evacuation. At one point the mandatory evacuation area reached about 150' from their home, but by this AM it seemed clear that the fire had moved west of their home and they were OK for the time being.

The Santa Barbara Independent has responded with timely fire updates.


  1. Fire is sceary and distroying. God that your parents are OK.

  2. It looks like the worst is past, with no personal losses. There's several more fires ablaze now in southern California and my thoughts are with those people now.

  3. Whew. The Montecito fires looked horrible on the news. Worse than anything I've seen in a long time.

    Chloe's (Garden Grit) mom and brother had 10 minutes to evacuate and both lost their houses. Chloe's mom almost lost her milking goats, but at least a few of them managed to survive.