Purchase list for Payne Foundation

  1. Claytonia perfoliata (Miner's lettuce) need seed to augment the seed that my son scattered.
  2. Sidalcea malaeflora "Palustre" (Checkermallow) - Missed it last time around. They finally have it in stock, though I'd rather have the species. Should get several for use in the meadow, but now I'm having second thoughts since it prefers rocky and acidic soil so maybe I'll only get a couple.
  3. Iris - I need to put in some more for large drifts next year. Two hybrids in stock. Prefer "Pacific Coast Hybrids" for consistency with my existing plants.
  4. Encelia californica (Bush sunflower) - need two to interplant with the new sages in front
  5. Symphoricarpos mollis (Creeping Snowberry) - need one for experimental purposes
  6. Something that I can interplant with my Rosemary hedge around my vegetable garden. Ideas:
    1. Woolly Blue Curls (Trichostema lanatum). Similar foliage shape, 4' high 4'wide - can I keep it pruned narrow like the Rosemary?
    2. Mimulus aurantiacus - upright growth, cultural reqts same as Rosemary. Semi-deciduous could be ugly problem. Also M. puniceus "Payne's Red", and M. longiflorus "Verity White" as well as other M. longiflorus ssp
    3. Some exotic perennial herb TBD, Tarragon?
    4. Penstemon - lots of hybrids to choose from. P clevelandii connatus?

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