Google Analytics - results for June 4 to present

I've been using Google Analytics to track the traffic on this site since June 4. If I had a penny for every page view since then, I'd have all of $3.31 jingle jangling in my pocket. That $3.31 worth of visits came from 154 different network locations, all in North America. Of those visits, 273 are identified as "unique" visitors, but only 71 returning visitors. Since I will occasionally look in from work and from home, I'll have to take two away from those figures to account for my double dipping typo-searches.

June 5 was my highest number of page hits, with 39. My most interesting post appears to be Notes on How to Stucco.

Conclusion 1: There's somewhere around 50 of you out there regularly reading my blog, at least on occasion. Hi, Mom!

Conclusion 2: Assuming this blog is typical, the national rate for comments must be around 1-2%.

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