German vacation - Frankonia

I had seven nights in Germany following a business trip and used them to visit a few of the more touristy locations. I had a delightful time with two days each in Rothenberg (medieval walled city, Crime and Punishment museum, Night Watchman's tour, atmosphere galore), Nurmberg (I visited the Nazi Documentation Zentrum, which specializes in the conditions that led up to WWII. It had only a brief clip of a gas chamber but it was enough to upset me, so I'm glad I didn't go to one of the camps), Wurzberg (home of Germany's Residenz - sort of a Versailles equivalent, except that they allow winefests and the like it its gardens, which I was happy to participate in), and the final day in Frankfurt (where I attended a Penck retrospective. Penck seems to have used the stick figure to great effect over his 40+ year career.).

The food was nice, particularly the rotkraut (red cabbage) that I had the first night in Thuringia. I didn't see it on the menus later on my trip, though I had thought it widespread across Germany. Maybe plain old sauerkraut sells better. Fanciest meal was in the small City of Jena, hosted by my business contacts. That meal was something else, with French wine, braised and roasted meats smothered in typical sauces, etc. I didn't treat myself so well.

There was of course lots of beer (my favorite was on the first night - some dark wheat beer(dunkle weissebier, I think, made by Radelberger? I made sure to make frequents comparisons.), some sekts in Wurzberg, some still wein, and apfelwein. My worst meal was in Frankfurt where I ended up with basic sauerkraut (tasted like it was straight from jar) and a boiled pig's knuckle with apfelwien, which didn't quite toot my horn.

A strike on 7/3 resulted in inexplicably (at the time) late trains, but I eventually overcame the problem. Strikes in Germany seem to be polite affairs, contrary to what the news carries of French strikes.

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