Weekend Planning

The usual weekend planning here.

  • Demo cotoneaster, install ceanothus in its place - All tools are on hand. Looks like a trip to the dump on Sunday with the waste is out (they are closed). I really ought to be able to get rid of my garden waste for free, but it looks like only dirt and my asphalt driveway are free.
  • Check with neighbor to see they need anything hauled to dump - can I do the hauling Wednesday AM?
  • Cut concrete on porch for weep pit - the second of my flood mitigation attempts. Tools are on hand. Dig pit as deep as possible. Need stackable concrete block, 12" grate, and gravel.
  • Repair stucco around French door. All parts on hand except expertise.
  • Get electrician in for estimate on service upgrade.
  • Install attic vent (cut stucco, frame, paper, wire, repair stucco. Need to paint vent ahead of time and cut a few framing members for inside the garage.
  • Complete electrical install.
  • Purchase / install outdoor lights.
  • Install othe native plants.

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