West Coast Swing

I met my ex while partner dancing (west coast swing mainly, but also all the usual suspects: waltz, country two step, foxtrot, etc). Somewhere along the way I lost my passion for it, and I hadn't danced for a long time. However, recently I started taking dance lessons through a club at work, and they've fed a growing hunger for more dance. Family obligations are keeping my options limited for the moment to the one dance class, but google video and other services are stoking the fire. I've uploaded some good west coast swing found around the net to google video. The best example is linked below. I wish I danced this well.


  1. I am by no means a connoisseur of dance, but it seems like the guy in the clip was not doing very much at all, other than assisting the woman in pirouetting and supporting her well enough that she did not bash her head on the floor.

  2. Many dancers feel that the man should do exactly that: showcase the woman and provide a steady lead. I feel that this couple has great connection and that he does enough tricky things that he's clearly not just standing there. The judges at major competitions like them too.