Rain barrels in other places

I saw a rain barrel a week ago that appeared to be completely justified by local weather and usage patterns.

Hint: It wasn't in California. Can you guess where?

Does this picture help? (There is a structure uphill from the barrel, and I presumed that it feeds runoff to the barrel on the side not visible in the photo.) 

I'll mention that on this island the monthly rain fall total ranges from about 1.5" to 5"+, depending upon the season and that the storms are usually of short duration.  These are ideal conditions for rain barrels: Since there are no dry months here, the barrels make sense to carry through from one storm to the next. Also, given the somewhat poor infrastructure that I observed, they may make practical sense. Finally, both of the barrels are quite large compared to the typical California-sized barrel, which provides a useful amount of storage.

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