Ahhh. Sunset...

 Ahhh. Sunset at Point Vicente on October 16th.  What could be more beautiful?

Hold on. That Russian thistle (tumbleweed) shouldn't be growing there!  (Neither should the palms, but let's argue against S. California's iconic tree some other time.)

Fortunately there is good news on multiple fronts. First, I was able to ignore the tumbleweed long enough to ask Juli to get married.

Second, I find out that the tumbleweeds may be not quite so prominent in the future. The Western Farm Press writes about a viral control plan for tumbleweeds.  

The USDA has developed a biological weed control weapon to control Russian thistle. ...Tumbleweeds are widely detested in large portions of the country’s agricultural treasure land, [but] they are recognized as one of the most efficient seed distributors known to man. Their spherical shape causes them to roll and bounce across the landscape, and with each bounce and some rolls their seeds are dislodged and left to germinate the natural way. ...The USDA researchers are seeking permission now from an organization that maintains control of such materials to release the two imported viruses as biological control compounds.

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