PV Blue!

Feast your eyes on the PV Blue in this photo. It's about the second best photo I was able to take with my phone during a recent PV Blue release that I participated in.  I released two of the butterflies out of about 100 that were released that day. Thank you, PV Land Conservancy!
Palos Verdes Blue butterfly

The location was Friendship Park, which had a successful restoration area that was judged acceptable for the PV Blue. The Blue was thought to be extinct until a small population of was found at the local Naval Fuel Supply Depot.  That population has been captive bred to thousands of individuals which are now being released to establish a Palos Verdes meta-population and study successful approaches to release.
Here's a picture of one of two host plants that the butterfly needs to live, Astragalus tricopodus, (Rattlepod).
Astragalus trichopodus  (Rattlepod), the host plant of the Palos Verdes Blue butterfly
We released on the Astragalus plants.  Sometimes the butterflies stayed and sometimes they moved on.
 (Rattlepod), the host plant of the Palos Verdes Blue butterfly with PV Blue
Here's one on a sunflower, probably Encelia.
Palos Verdes Blue butterfly on Encelia(?)

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