Rain 0.27"; season total 1.36"

In the last two years we've had over 2" cumulative rainfall by early December at my current address.  As of today, we have 1.36" total in my back yard.  However, don't lose heart for a wet winter: California often has highly variable rainfall and neither of the figures I just mentioned is out of bed for a typical (50% of the time) water year.  Based on 1944 to 2010 rainfall records, the median rainfall for Los Angeles changes from 1.06" to 2.30" from the end of November to the end of December.  So far we're typical.

 29-Nov    0.40" - This could have been greater.  I checked it a day or two after the storm went through so evaporation could have reduced it.
7-Dec    0.27"

Total: 1.36" (or a bit larger since I dilly dallied in making a record of the 0.40" rainfall)

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