Rain 0.23"; Season total 2.05"

1 Dec 2012 0.03"
3 Dec 2012 0.20"

2.05" total rainfall thus far.

Don't set your expectations for either a wet or dry winter based on this data, however.  There is a 50% probability of rainfall between 0.16" and 3.71" at this time of year.

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  1. Enjoying your posts.
    Wondering about your feedback section.
    Obviously you feel the information blog-worthy so why seek a reaction from others?
    Comments, yes, but if someone actually checked off BORING, do you propose to change your style?
    Why seek this kind of feedback?

    1. Hi Lisa, and thanks.

      Sometimes these weather reports can get a bit boring - even to me. I'm not too easily offended, however, so I'll let my tens of readers tell me what they really think.

      Seriously - It was more of an experiment about making it easy for someone to post a reaction to my blog than anything else.