Camissonia slaughter

I've killed more plants.
dead Cammissonia cheiranthifolia "Beach Primrose"
Two of the three Cammissonia cheiranthifolia "Beach Primrose" that I purchased from Annies Annuals croaked unexpectedly and ended up looking like the picture above. I may have kept them overwatered and drowned them or perhaps they were poorly stored in my too shady side yard. When they started to look limp I tried simply moving them to brighter shade, but most of them didn't make it.  Fortunately,
 I managed to perk one back to life.  It's not planted in the area I had visualized, but that's not as critical as keeping it alive.  Here it is, planted on a low sandy berm and shaded temporarily by a plastic garden chair.

Cammissonia cheiranthifolia "Beach Primrose" w/ chair for shade

It's expensive to lose plants like this.  You might as well cast your money to the winds.  Fortunately, I can make more plants from this one survivor.

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  1. I like your portable garden chair shade. We always seem to have way too many garden chairs around, and this would be a good use for them. This species seems like one to spend some effort one. I did some volunteer plant surveys down on some coastal dunes and saw lots of these going crazy in the spring. Amazing plants. I have some seed I should get into the ground one of these days...