Madia elegans (Common Madia)

It's started to flower now, and looks to be coming on strong with many more flowers. Red roses in the background sort of set the scale and lets you know that these flowers are significantly larger than your garden variety daisy.

Madia elegans (Common Madia, Tar Weed)

This is, of course, a California native plant, but not exclusively: It is endemic to the western states.  One of the common names is Tar Weed, because it has a strong and distinctive smell, unlike tar if you ask me, but strong and distinctive nonetheless.  This was a one-off purchase / experiment from Annies and it's done quite well.


  1. Hi, I was researching this plant and your blog came up. I bought mine at Oaktown and haven't planted it yet.
    It seems like you might be in the SF bay area since you bought your plant at Annie's. Me, too. I'm trying to creat a California native garden at my house and enjoy looking at and hearing about the efforts of others.

  2. I had Annies ship to me, and it was money somewhat well spent since I find I am shorter on time than most anything else these days.