Point Vicente lighthouse

I stopped by the lighthouse on the way home.  I hadn't been before, and there's a delightful native plant garden and "wild" area adjacent on the bluff tops.

The best scenery is out towards the ocean, however.

Up at the inland edge of the "wild" area there's a wooden rail fence.  On the right is the wild area.  On the left is some developer's or homeowners' association idea of compatible plantings.  This photo has Agapanthus and sprinkler irrigation.  Indian Hawthorne, sheared to a fare-thee-well and Fortnight Lily adorn the irrigated hell strip adjacent the road.  If only they had used smarter choices. 

Don't do this.

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  1. Yes, please nobody do this. The photo shows the nature/culture edge really well. I know I'm biased, but the culture side looks barren and blasted.