Plants seen backpacking

I was backpacking with my son in the area behind Ojai, California last week. We hiked down the Sespe Creek about 10 miles and overnighted at Willet where there is a sulfur hot springs.

The point of the trip was NOT to survey the native plants, but I did snap a few photos along the way.

This was a low growing ground cover that I saw in the shade under a small scrub oak in an otherwise very exposed location. It seems to have passed its peak of growth for this year - much of the more exposed portions had already browned completely. I thought that this bit, though showing some brown, still had an appealing charm. A little bit of web browsing suggests that it is Selaginella bigelovii (Bigelow's moss fern) but I'm not 100% on that ID.

These Clematis puffballs had climbed high up in some trees.  At one point, back-lit by the sun, and hanging high in a pine tree, they really caught my eye. 

 More scenery photos below.

Lunch spot.  Swimming hole.  Cold water!

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