Rain 1.6"; season total 5.11"

We had the good fortune to pick up some rain over the weekend and Monday, bringing the season total to about 5" at my new house.

On 22 Jan in the morning, I measured 0.70" at my house (weather.com had it at 0.54" for my zip code) and 0.30" at the San Pedro annex.

We had a day of respite from rain and then on Tuesday I measured 0.9" in my backyard that had fallen the day before. For the same time period the San Pedro annex was about 0.7".  Weather.com put this rainfall at 0.6" in my zip code, so it looks like I'm running a bit ahead of the official figures.

A high degree of variation is expected between the San Pedro annex, my house, and the official figures for my zip code due to the large variation in topography in the area.

Some unreported (on this blog) previous rainfall:

11-Dec 0.60"
17-Dec 0.10"
18-Dec 0.01"

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