Calflora Mobile Search

Following on the previous blog post, also available from Calflora Calflora Mobile Search for plants, an interface to the Calflora database for mobile devices. Click on a plant name, and you will see one or two photos of the plant. Works on Android and iPhone. Check the current location box and (courtesy of HTML5) it will limit the search to plants observed growing near wherever you are.


  1. Neat app. I don't have a cell phone, but I bet that's handy in the nursery when you need to know about a plant before you buy. Brent, did you see my last post on making a blog archive,...so cool. Sue

  2. I did see your post on archiving, Sue. I think I read all your blog posts ;-)

    It looks like things run a bit differently on Wordpress, where your blog is hosted. I ought to look into a backup for blogger.

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